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The Ultimate Guide to Important Dental Treatments Near Kothrud Pune

Hello friends, today we are going to see what are different dental problems, how to avoid them, and more about dental treatment. In short, this blog is all about dental health.

So let’s begin

The very known saying “prevention is always better than cure” is very true in oral health as well. Everyone knows, brushing twice a day keeps germs away. But do we really brush twice a day? Most of the people who have dental issues admit that they don’t brush twice a day.

So first and foremost precaution to avoid dental problems in the future is simply brushing twice a day.

1) Gums Health:

There are many dental problems people face such as bad breath, accumulation of plaque, swelling of gums, and bleeding from gums.

These problems are mainly due to poor oral hygiene.

If teeth are not cleaned well, they tend to accumulate plaque on its surfaces. This plaque is act as irritation to gums and leads to inflammation of gums and ultimately bleeding from gums.

A thorough cleaning by the dentist and instructions followed by the patient definitely stops bleeding and initiate the formation of healthy gums.

It is recommended that, thorough cleaning and polishing be done every year to maintain the overall health of gums and periodontal tissues.

2) Teeth Cavities:

Many times, patients visit the dental offices only when there is Sensitivity/pain in tooth/teeth. Pain in teeth is an advanced stage of decay, where decay reaches to pulp. If patient promptly visit dentist when there is small black spots on teeth or small cavity on teeth, the dentist usually cleans the cavity and restoration with tooth-colored restorative material. This small step of cavity filling definitely avoids further extensive treatment of root canals.

We always advise patient to get their dental check-up done every year to check if there are any cavities. Also, instruct the patient on how to identify cavities in the initial stages and get them filled.

3) Pain and Sensitivity with Tooth:

If cavities are left untreated, they tend to go deep into the tooth and reach the pulp tissue, the pulp tissue contains nerves and blood tissue, and any irritation to the nerve leads to sensitivity and pain. The dentist, after a thorough investigation, advice the patient for root canal treatment. It’s a routine dental procedure most of the time done in a single visit under local anesthesia.

For detailed information about root canal treatment, you can read our blog also you can watch our video explaining procedure.

4) Crowns and Bridges:

After root canal treatment, the tooth becomes fragile and tends to break. To strengthen the weakened tooth, the dentist advises crowns. There are multiple options for crowns. There are metal crowns (nickel-chromium metal), ceramic crowns (porcelain fused metal), zirconia crowns (zirconium), and emax crowns (pressed ceramic)

These crowns strengthen teeth, protect them, and increase the life of teeth.

When teeth are removed due to any reason, the empty space is filled with a bridge. The bridge takes support from adjacent teeth and it’s fixed on these teeth. In this, adjacent teeth are carved in such a way, that it receives crowns on them and supports the bridge.

Crowns and bridges are painless processes and are done without local anesthesia.

5) Smile Enhancement:

Improper cleaning and decay cause loss of healthy tooth structure for front teeth and it directly impacts the aesthetics, phonetics, and overall confidence of an individual.

There are multiple causes for front teeth decay and sometimes loss of front teeth.

Smile makeover or enhancement is usually extensive treatment considering its aesthetic purpose and outcome. It is done by either composite restoration (tooth color restorative material) with veneers (laminates) or with crowns (ceramic or zirconia)

Smile correction and enhancement definitely boost confidence in an individual and it changes the way he/she speaks, laughs, and talks with others.

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We at Microdent Dentistry are experts in performing such treatments.

6) Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Due to bad oral habits of eating paan, tobacco, and gutkha for many years. Teeth lose it’s most of the structure and the patient is unable to eat.

In such cases, there is a need to restore every tooth, vertical dimensions, and temporomandibular joint. It is a very meticulous process and requires patient cooperation.

It includes multiple root canal treatments and crowns/bridges to restore a healthy smile and overall architecture of the oral cavity.

We at Microdent Dentistry have successfully treated such cases with excellent results.

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7) Implants:

Implants are ideal choice for missing natural tooth / teeth. Implants are placed inside the jaw bone and crowns are placed over them.

There are single implants that restore single tooth, multiple implants to restore multiple teeth, also full mouth rehabilitation is done with multiple implants.

There are many factors to be considered before going for implant surgery.  For further details, you can read all about dental implant in our page.

8) Pediatric Dental Treatment:

Kids are more tend to have dental problems because of their oral habits.

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