Dental braces are orthodontic treatment procedure which is done to correct malalignment of teeth to enhance function and aesthetics for patient.

Dental braces treatment takes minimum 6 months to maximum 2 years to complete depending on the severity of malocclusion.

When orthodontist places braces on teeth, the metal/ ceramic brackets are stick on buccal surface of teeth and wire is places above them. The wire put pressure on teeth and move teeth in desired position. This movement is very slow and requires need to replace wire after specific duration.

Let’s discuss today, how to take care of teeth and braces during whole procedure.

1) Avoid eating specific food

Braces are stick on teeth surface with composites and they are tend to break if excessive force is applied on them.

We advice patient not to eat following food items like Extremely sticky food  like chocolate, toffee, candy, eclair, dates , crunchy food like panipuri, farsan.

These sticky food items may pull the wire along with them which ultimately leads to breakage of wire and damage to brackets.

2) Oral hygiene maintenance

Due to braces and wire, it is little difficult to maintain oral hygiene. Everyday brushing is quite challenging for patients. And patient need to take maximum precaution while brushing teeth , so that they don’t damage braces and also clean teeth properly.

There are special brushes available in market and Orthodontist prescribe them when and where required.

Also patients are advised to brush twice a day and after every meal. Using mouthwash is also advised to enhance oral hygiene.

Interdental proxa brushes and brushes for Orthodontic use are specially designed brushes which can be used during braces treatment.

3) Inform dentist if there is any breakage

After taking utmost care for braces, there might be some instances where brackets or wire may break or dislodges from its position. In such cases, the broken wire or brackets may cause injury to gums / or soft tissues. Any such event is immediately reported to dentist who will either remove the wire or bracket and place new one.

4) Regular visit to dentist

Braces treatment duration is usually from 6 months till 2 years depending on the severity of malocclusion. In regular braces treatment, there is monthly visit to change wires, and to check if the treatment is going on expected way. Orthodontist ask patient to visit clinic once a month to check everything. In some Orthodontic treatment, there is need to change wire every 2 months. Orthodontist advices Patient not to skip the visit. Because the wire which is placed has effect on teeth only for a month and it has to be replaced with new one for effective movement of teeth. So patient should present on time and specified dates to facilitate treatment in desired time.