Who doesn’t like sparkling white teeth? Teeth add that X factor in beauty of face. And everyone wish to have perfectly beautiful white teeth.  In this generation of Instagram, Facebook and all social media, everyone is so cautious about his/ her smile.

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With advanced technology and different materials in Dentistry it is now very much possible to have these desired sparkling white teeth.

The color of teeth is defined by multiple factors like, thickness of dentine, thickness of enamel. Also genetic factors play important role in deciding the color of teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Pune

There is direct relation of skin color to color of teeth. More fair the skin, more yellow are the teeth. More darker the skin, more Whittier teeth. Enamel is white and Dentine is yellow in color. If enamel thickness is more, teeth are Whittier, if enamel is thin, yellow color of dentine reflects through enamel and teeth becomes more yellow.

Let’s discuss today, reasons when you need teeth whitening.

1. Crooked Teeth or Malalignment of Teeth:

In some cases, when teeth are not in alignment, and positioned in a manner such that, it is difficult to clean some areas of teeth with normal brushing , plaque and calculus accumulates on the surface of such teeth. And plaque calculus gives the yellow tint to already yellowish teeth.

Such patients need intermittent professional care by dentist and need whitening process once a year / two years.

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2. Wedding:

Wedding is the biggest and most important day of anyone’s life . The bride and groom want everything to be so perfect. Apart from good makeup, smile that defines beauty of individual should also be perfect. Every photo taken on wedding is a memory that lasts through out the life.

On such big occasion, bright white teeth are cherry on cake.  We at Microdent Dentistry, provide special packages for bride to be / groom to be, dental whitening and it is usually done in single or two visits.

3. Birthday Parties / Family Events:

Human is social animal and he enjoys the gathering of people around him / her.

Occasions like birthday, anniversary and festivals are the reasons people gather and enjoy themselves. On such occasions , people like to flaunt the perfectly white teeth to their guests. As the whitening process is painless and easily doable. People prefer to do it occasionally.

4. Professional Requirement:

The modelling industry, celebrities from tv and film industry also demand beautiful white teeth. These people frequently do the whitening of their teeth. Some individuals and professionals have important meetings and commitments also wish to have white teeth

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5. No Reason :

Everyone likes to have beautiful sparkling white teeth and now it’s possible.

So to Just look good in day today life, whitening of teeth is advisable to everyone.

It’s painless process.

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