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Closing the gap:- Everything you need to know about Teeth gap Near Swargate, Pune

A smile is the beauty of the soul a smile defines the personality of an individual. Rohit Joshi at Microdent Dentistry presents innovative teeth gap solutions in Swargate, Pune, `Front teeth play an important role in enhancing a smile. Today we are going to see what are the causes of gaps in front teeth and how to correct them. Dr. Rohit Joshi at Microdent Dentistry specializes in transforming smiles by addressing teeth gaps in Pune. Experience personalized care and advanced techniques for a flawless and confident you.

Why there are teeth gaps solution in the front teeth

The causes are as follows

1) If the teeth size and jaw size do not match. When the front teeth are small in size and the jaw size is big, the teeth have more space. So teeth are usually flared up which results in gaps between teeth.

2) During the eruption of permanent front teeth, if there is a constant force from the tongue, the teeth erupt in an outward direction and become flared and the angulation of eruption is different which leads to gaps in teeth.

3) The frenum which is a band of soft tissue that usually lies between two front teeth. If this frenum is thick and attached on the edge of bone going towards the palatal side, it takes more space between teeth which results in spacing between two front teeth.

4) Mouth breathing habit, is another cause of spacing between teeth. If an individual breath from his mouth rather than the nose, especially during night sleep, it leads to a continuous force of air going out from the mouth which eventually leads to flared teeth

5) tongue thrusting habit. Tongue thrusting as the name suggests, is another cause of flared-up teeth which results in gaps. When we swallow, a normal individual touches his tongue on the palate. But in some individuals rather than touching the tongue on the palate, the tongue pressures the front teeth. Pushing them outwards causes the gaps between teeth.

Perfecting Smiles: Microdent Dentistry’s Expert Solutions for Teeth Gaps near Swargate Pune

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Methods to close the gaps between teeth

Orthodontic treatment with braces and aligners:-

There are many ways to close the gaps between teeth. But before going ahead with the treatment, we need to find the cause that leads to gaps between teeth.

If the patient has habits like mouth breathing or tongue thrusting, then we break this habit and then treat the gaps.

For such cases, orthodontic treatment is a better choice as it helps in simultaneous habit-breaking and closure of gaps.

Orthodontic treatment has many options like braces and aligners

We strongly recommend that patients with gaps undergo extensive examination before going ahead with orthodontic treatment as many factors need to be considered before treatment.

An orthodontist is a specialist in braces and will help to advise and treat the gaps successfully.

Esthetic correction with composite

If the gap is small and occlusion is favorable then a quick and easy way to fill the gap is with composite restoration.

Composite is a tooth-colored restorative material that can be bonded to the teeth’ surface. It has Excellent shade-matching capacity. With composite, gaps can be closed successfully without invasive treatment.

These composite restorations are called composite veneers. They can be done on a chair by a dentist. And mostly completed painlessly in a single visit.

Esthetic correction with Laminates

The better alternative to composite veneers is lab-fabricated lithium dicilicate Laminates, It is more translucent, more aesthetic, and with better strength than composite. It is also a non-invasive treatment.

It takes two – to three appointments.

Cost of closing the gaps

Depending upon the causes, and choice of treatment, cost varies.

But it’s worth every penny spent on your smile because it enhances your aesthetics, your phonetics, and your overall personality. Also, it boosts your confidence many folds.

So get your gaps corrected and boost your shining smile.


The front teeth gap can be filled with many options and a dentist is the right person to do it. We strongly recommend visiting your nearest dentist rather than opting for home-based remedies or application-based online treatments as these are not done by professionals and cause further damage.

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