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Best Orthodontist in Kothrud, Pune

Who doesn’t like well-aligned teeth for a picture-perfect smile? Well... It's not a dream anymore. With orthodontic treatments, we can align teeth and give perfect smile.

Finding an experienced orthodontist to take you through the journey of orthodontic braces treatment is a very important step. Microdent Dentistry has the best orthodontist in Kothrud, Pune, which give you the best orthodontic treatment at an affordable cost.

our expert orthodontists will create a treatment plan that suits your exact needs and provides the best treatment to get your perfect smile. If you are thinking about orthodontic braces treatment in Pune or looking orthodontist in Kothrud and Pune, then Visit Microdent Dentistry Today!

Types of orthodontic braces

If you’re considering Orthodontic treatment, here are some types of orthodontic braces that you should know

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Clear Aligners
  • Self Ligating braces

Metal Braces

They are the most commonly used braces. These are regular braces made up of hard stainless steel metal. These small brackets are attached on surfaces of teeth and wire is placed with help of rubber bands. It is usually used to reposition teeth. they are more visible.

regular metal braces

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are most commonly used in teenager and young adults, concerned with aesthetics. They are made up of ceramic & are of tooth-coloured material. They are less visible, more brittle and prone to fracture.

ceramic braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are placed on the lingual/inner side of teeth. So they are less visible. The mechanism of these braces is different compared to regular braces. These types of braces are advised to actors, Models or teenagers who are more concerned about the visibility of braces.

lingual braces

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners / invisible Aligner provides a metal-free option to reposition teeth in proper alignment. These are CAD-CAM generated, transparent customized Plastic trays that cover all teeth to reposition them. The aligner set is provided to the patient and asked to change aligners every 15 days. After few months there is a clear change in positions of mal aligned teeth. They are removable and the patient has to wear them a minimum of 20-22 Hrs daily for desired results. They are completely invisible. Know more about clear aligners

clear aligners

Self Ligating braces

These are special braces that not only reposition the teeth but also properly guide jaws. They are used in severe malocclusions with overcrowded teeth. These braces constantly apply specific forces on teeth and help to realign them along with the growth of the jaw. They are ideal for teenagers and young adults.

Self Ligating

Interceptive Orthodontic treatment

Children usually face many dental problems like overcrowding, crooked teeth, delayed or incomplete teeth eruptions. As they are in growing age, it's the ideal time for orthodontic treatment.

Age 10 – 15 is considered an ideal time for treatment as jaws are growing, so it takes less time to move teeth in alignment. Some habits like thumb sucking, lip sucking, mouth breathing affect the natural growth of jaws which hampers the eruption of teeth in proper alignments, In such cases, paediatric dental specialist along with orthodontist give habit-breaking appliances to break habits as well as reposition teeth with braces. It’s teamwork and gives excellent results in a short time.

Precautions to take during orthodontic treatment

There are certain precautions to be taken once braces are bonded to teeth. which includes

  • Avoid eating certain food items like too much sticky food like caramel, muesli, toffees, chocolates, bubble gums, crunchy food. Avoid biting from front teeth, and cut the large pieces into smaller parts and eat. We usually provide the list of food that may affect the braces.
  • Brushing and flossing teeth:- Taking proper care of teeth during braces treatment is of utmost importance. The patient is advised to brush and clean teeth after every meal with special brushes meant to clean teeth. These brushes are specially designed to provide effective cleaning of teeth having braces. The patient is also advised to use floss wherever is needed. There are more chances of food getting stuck between braces and teeth, the patient is advised to clean every surface with utmost care. In the beginning, it appears a little difficult to clean but gets easier with time and practice.
  • Habits like playing with wires, pencil chewing, nail-biting, unnatural tongue thrusting on braces and wire should be avoided. They tend to break the wire, which leads to multiple visits to the orthodontist and prolong the treatment duration.

Braces Cost in Pune

Metal / regular braces cost ranges from Rs.30000 to Rs.45000(depending upon complexity & duration of treatment)
Ceramic Braces cost ranges from Rs.40000 to Rs.55000 (depending upon complexity & duration of treatment)
Lingual Braces cost ranges from Rs.80000 to Rs.90000 (depending upon complexity & duration of treatment)
Self Ligating braces cost ranges from Rs.75000 to Rs.85000 (depending upon complexity & duration of treatment)
Clear Aligner cost ranges from Rs.100000 to Rs.200000/- (depending upon complexity & duration of treatment)

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