Why & When You Should Visit an Orthodontist Near Erandwane

Seeking an orthodontist near Erandwane? They specialize in correcting malformed teeth and jaw deformities. Orthodontists, trained dentists, treat misalignments and jaw issues. Early dental visits are crucial to prevent Best Dental Clinic Erandwane and jaw problems.

Ideally, parents should bring their child to the dental clinic once the first tooth erupts in the mouth of a child. Dentist explains & educate parents on “ how to take care of teeth” with models of jaws and teeth. Deciduous teeth ( milk teeth ) start to exfoliate from the age of 6 years and simultaneously permanent teeth start to erupt. It is called the “transition phase”. 

It is a very important period for the overall development of jaws and the alignment of teeth. this phase usually lasts for 13-14 years when all milk teeth exfoliate and permanent teeth erupt completely. This is the right time to visit an orthodontist. An orthodontist checks the position of teeth and suggests some corrective treatments. If permanent teeth are not erupted in their proper position & placed with different angulations, then we need to correct the position of teeth with orthodontic treatment. 

Orthodontic treatments are usually divided into multiple phases, from the age group 13 years to 50 years. During the early age of a patient, it is quite easy to move teeth as the bone-supporting teeth are slightly flexible, which accommodates the movement of teeth. So visit the orthodontist near Erandwane of 13 years, when permanent canines have erupted. Orthodontist with the treatment of braces repositions teeth to their natural position. Proper alignment of teeth is very helpful for the overall growth of jaws. If teeth are well positioned, they guide jaw bones to grow properly. Teeth act like a guide for jaw development. If teeth are not in alignment, many problems of jaws may develop later. 

1. Crossbite:-

Ideally, upper permanent teeth are placed in front of lower teeth, which we call overjet. But sometimes, lover front teeth come in front of upper teeth. It is called a crossbite. ( photo 1 ) This condition is considered a “dental emergency” and should be treated immediately. This crossbite of teeth locks the upper jaw and only the lower jaw grows, which leads to the protruded chin and bigger lower jaw.

How to treat:-

If you see in your child, ( at the age of 6 -8 years ) that, his lower teeth are coming in front of upper teeth, visit the dentist as soon as possible. This crossbite is treated with an appliance and can be corrected within 6 – 8 months. ( photo 2 ) 

( at the age of 6 -8 years ) 6 – 8 months. ( photo 2 )

2. Deep bite:-

In some cases, upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth completely, which may lead to obstruction to the development of the lower jaw and parrot beak appearance of the face. If you see this condition developing, you should visit the orthodontist

3. Open bite:-

Sometimes, teeth erupt more proclined, which leads to open bites, this can be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

These kinds of treatments are done at the early stage of the eruption of permanent teeth for better results.

There are many orthodontic treatments done to enhance smiles and esthetics. When there is crowding and teeth are not in alignment, it gives an unpleasant smile. Many times, the patient is reluctant to smile openly. Which directly hampers his / her confidence.

So visiting a dentist and orthodontist is a must from an early age to avoid many complications in the future. Always precaution is better than cure. 

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