Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Benefits

A beautiful smile is a priceless ornament anyone can wear. Smile not only enhances beauty but also boosts the confidence in an individual. Everyone wishes to have a beautiful, pleasant smile. With advanced technology, now everyone can have that desired smile.

Today we are going to see what are different cosmetic dental procedures and how they benefit the patient

  • Diastema between front teeth.
  • This is the most common condition where there are spaces between upper front teeth.
  • These spaces lead to unpleasant smiles.
  • There are multiple options to cover/fill these spaces.

Let’s look at options to fill the diastema

  • composite restoration
  • veneers/laminates
  • ceramic/zirconia crowns
  • orthodontic treatment

1. Composite restoration

Restoration/filling of gaps between teeth with composite restoration is a completely non-invasive treatment. It includes the etching of adjacent teeth with an etchant. After the etching of enamel, the surface becomes opaque and microporosities are created on the enamel.

A bonding agent is applied to this enamel. Cured with blue light. And Composite is applied. Carving is done to simulate with natural teeth. And cured again with blue light. Once gaps are filled, it is then polished and finished with cups and discs.

It’s a completely non-invasive procedure. And can be done in a single visit. It is the most economical option to fill the gaps between teeth. This treatment is reversible and Composite can be removed without damaging natural teeth


1. composite restorations are brittle and tend to fracture if excessive force is applied on it.  

2. Composite gets stained over a period of time. So they become discolored and required to change after a few months to years.  

3. If the gap between teeth is more than 2 mm, composite restoration is not advisable as it doesn’t get support. In such cases, indirect restoration like veneers is advised.

2. Laminates/Veneers

It is the most advanced treatment option for anterior diastema. It is a minimally invasive process. The primary impression is made to study the case. Wax-up is done on the study model. And a test drive is scheduled for the patient.

Without touching the teeth, with the help of wax-up, the final outcome is shown to the patient. The advantage of this technique is, the patient can see the outcome without doing any actual treatment. If the patient is happy with the outcome, the actual treatment is planned

Teeth are minimally reduced by 0.3 – 0.5 mm only. This thickness is later compensated by veneers. Veneers are custom-made for the individual tooth in the laboratory with pressable ceramics known as Emax.

  • They are highly translucent and delicate.
  • They snugly fit on teeth.
  • They are expensive compared to composite restoration.

Precautions to be taken once veneers are placed:- the patient should not bite from anterior teeth where veneers are placed

If the patient bites hard, veneers tend to chip off.

3. Zirconia crowns:-

Sometimes there is decay involving all front teeth. And once decay is removed, a very small amount of tooth structure remains. In such cases, we advise placing complete covering crowns. Crowns enhance the strength of teeth and protect them from getting broken.

There are aesthetic crowns specially made for anterior teeth. These crowns are highly aesthetic and extremely biocompatible with surrounding gums.

They are metal-free crowns and last long.

4. Orthodontic treatment

Sometimes, due to malalignment of front teeth, there are spaces and these spaces can be closed with Orthodontic treatment.

There are multiple options for Orthodontic treatment like metal braces, ceramic braces, and advanced clear aligners. For further detail about Orthodontic treatment, you can visit our blog.

How does cosmetic dental treatment benefit the patient?

A beautiful smile always boosts the confidence of the individual. There are many professions, and jobs which demand good presentation, and with a beautiful smile, one can present his personality better than others.

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