How Dental Implant Can Improve Your Health

Dental implants are now a very common treatment modality available. With recent advances and technology, dental implant procedures are very predictable and results are astonishing. Dental implants are an ideal replacement for missing tooth/teeth. Or a complete set of all teeth.

Today we are going to discuss, how dental implants are beneficial for overall health. But first, let’s understand what are dental implants and their types.

Dental implants are metal implants usually placed in maxillary &/ or mandible jaw bone.

Dental implant procedures include

1) Diagnosis

2) Treatment Plan

3) Implant Surgery Procedure

4) Prosthetic Procedure

After thorough investigation like cone beam computed tomography ( CBCT ) of bone & jaw, implant treatment is planned. And implant surgery is scheduled. In implant surgery, a specific size implant is placed within the bone, and sutures are placed.

After a few months, once the bone is formed around the implant, a prosthetic procedure is initiated.

The implant treatment process usually takes place from 3 months to 6-8 months.

Let’s see the Benefits of Implants.

 1) Implants are Fixed Teeth:-

 Implants are a replacement for missing teeth. When due to unavoidable reasons, the tooth is extracted, there are few ways to replace it. The ideal way to replace missing teeth implants. They are screws placed within bone and a crown is placed over it.

 Ideally, once the implant is embedded within the bone, it becomes part of the jaw and is extremely difficult to remove from the bone. It acts as an Anchorage for the crown.

 They are fixed. And that gives more benefits to patients, as they provide proper mastication and chewing. Hence good digestion and suppliment of nutrients.

2) Implants are an Ideal Replacement for Missing Teeth:-

Implants provide all functions of natural teeth.  In elderly people when all the teeth are removed/extracted, there are only two options left. Either removable complete dentures or fixed teeth with implants.

Most people, scared of surgery, choose to go with dentures. But the study suggests only 15-20% of people who have dentures, actually use them for chewing. Many people use dentures for aesthetic purposes only.

Dentures are good if there is supporting bone. But most of the time, jawbones are resorbed and provide insufficient retention to dentures.

Denture-wearing patients are not able to chew properly. This directly impacts the health of patients.

Let’s understand the cycle here 

 Loss of teeth denture insufficient mastication and difficulty in chewing indigestion & constipation acidity problem-related to the digestive system overall health problems.

Overall health is hampered by dentures.

If we replace missing teeth with implants, they tend to provide excellent mastication, and it overall benefits patients’ health.

3) Maintain the Architecture of Jaw Bone:-

The natural tooth is supported by bony cortical plates. When a natural tooth is extracted, the cortical plate bone tends to resorb. The immediately placed implants maintain the architecture of jaw bone and prevent the resorption of cortical bone.

4) Implants Preserve Adjacent Natural Teeth:-

When a tooth is removed/ extracted, there are three ways to replace it, by either partial removable denture or by bridge or by implants. In a fixed bridge, two natural adjacent teeth are reduced to specific dimensions so they accommodate crowns over them. These natural teeth tend to show symptoms of sensitivity and pain in later years. Hence, to restore one missing tooth, we have to sacrifice two natural teeth.

In implants, we don’t touch adjacent natural teeth, and implants are placed in space created after extraction.

There are multiple advantages of implants.

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