Pediatric dentistry

What is Pediatric dentistry? What kind of care do they provide?

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the health and treatment of oral cavities and teeth for newborns, toddlers, children, and teenagers.

Today we are going to see what different dental care is provided by pedodontists.

1) Preventive Dental Treatment:-

As everyone knows,  milk teeth are very small teeth and are most prone to decay and pain.

To avoid decay there are some treatments known as a preventive treatment.

Fluoride application is one of the preventing treatments most commonly done between 3 years to 10 years of age.

This treatment is very simple and done in a few visits.

There are prefabricated trays that are used for the application of fluorides. These prefabricated trays are filled with fluoride gel and are applied to the upper and lower jaw.

And these trays are kept for a few minutes.

The fluoride gel remains in contact with teeth and enhances the crystalline structure of enamel. This enhanced enamel is stronger and prevents decay for a longer period.

We at Microdent Dentistry provide these treatments at an affordable cost.

2) Tooth Restoration:-

Sometimes teeth get decayed and there is discoloration of teeth seen. This decay if removed at the proper time can avoid extensive treatment like root canal and crown.

So we usually advise parents to check for any decay on teeth, any small black spot can be decay. If parents spot the decay, always visit a dentist and get the decay removed and the cavity filled.

Milk teeth are going to exfoliate after a certain time. So these teeth cavities are filled with different materials.

It is a non-invasive treatment and is done in a single visit. Decay is removed with a high-speed air rotor and the cavity is cleaned. Glass ionomer cement is placed and the cavity is filled.

This prevents decay from reaching the pulp.

3) Pulpectomy and Crowns

If decay, is not diagnosed early, spreads rapidly involving enamel and dentine, and reaches the pulp. Once decay reaches pulp tissue. There is inflammation of the pulp and the child feels continuous pain sensitivity to the tooth.

Once the pulp is involved, there is usually only one treatment option. i.e. Root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment in children is usually known as Pulpectomy means removal of the pulp tissue. This treatment is done under local anesthesia and pulp tissue is removed from teeth and roots. And filled with biocompatible filling.

The root canal treatment is usually followed by permanent restoration & crown.

Treatment is done in a single visit.

Microdent Dentistry has a specialist dentist who deals with Pulpectomy and crowns.

4) Gum Boil or Gum Abscess:-

If decay is not treated in time, the infection reaches pulp tissue. And finally, the infection reaches the bone below the roots. This accumulation of infection leads to pus and this pus cause swelling on gums. This is known as a gum boil.

Treatment for gum boil is the same as for Pulpectomy and crown. And can be done in a single visit.

5) Extraction of grossly decayed teeth:-

If a decayed tooth is left untreated, it gets broken in part and only root pieces remain in the bone.

In such a situation, extraction is the only option remaining. The removal of the grossly decayed tooth is done under local anesthesia.

In a few cases, there are over-retained teeth. I.e permanent teeth erupt but milk teeth are also present in the mouth. These over-retained teeth have to be removed.

These over-retained teeth may impact the placement of permanent teeth. And chances of malalignment.

6) Serial Extraction:-

Sometimes there is a need to remove deciduous / milk teeth in order to facilitate the proper eruption of permanent teeth.

This extraction is known as serial extraction.

7) Habit Breaking Appliances

Children are more habitual to many things like thumb sucking, finger sucking, lip sucking habits, Tongue thrusting habits, mouth breathing habits.

To remove these habits, there are some habit-breaking appliances. With these appliances, habits can be broken.

All the above-mentioned treatments are available at microdent Dentistry clinic.

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