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Types of Dental Treatments Near Kelewadi Rd Pune: A Comprehensive Guide to Oral Health Care

Types of Dental Treatments: A Comprehensive Guide to Oral Health Care

Types of Dental Treatments

Dental problems are very common among the majority of the population. To counter many dental issues, there are many dental treatments available.

With modern technology and advanced techniques, dentistry has reached many heights in terms of treatment modalities available today.

Treatment as the name suggests, is to treat the diseases/problems of teeth.

In this blog, let us discuss in detail about dental problems and their treatment.

Bad Breath / Bad Odour

This is the most common problem/complaint of patients who have poor oral hygiene.

Bad breath happens when oral hygiene is not maintained properly over a period of time.

Calculus and plaque get accumulated on teeth surfaces which leads to more bacterial colonization. Which causes bad breath/halitosis.

Treatment:-  Scaling & Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

Professional cleaning and polishing is a basic treatment for halitosis.

With the help of electronic scaling devices, dentists perform the thorough cleaning of teeth and remove the plaque & calculus from teeth surfaces.

It is followed by the polishing of teeth which makes teeth surfaces smooth and polished.

2. Cavities

Tooth decay is the second most common problem in teeth. It starts with brownish-black discoloration on the surfaces. If not treated in time, it extends deep inside the tooth which may lead to sensitivity and pain.

Treatment:- Composite Restoration/Tooth Filling

Early diagnosis is essential for cavities. The treatment includes the complete removal of the decayed/rotten part of the tooth. Followed by tooth colored restoration commonly known as a composite filling.

If the decay is too deep and approximate to a pulp ( nerve tissue ) then root canal treatment is advised to the patient.

3. Pain & Sensitivity Of Tooth/Teeth

This is the most common reason for a visit to Dentistry. The sudden appearance of pain and Sensitivity forces patients to visit dentist on an emergency basis.

This happens mainly due to untreated decay/cavities on teeth. This untreated decay goes deep inside the tooth over a period of time and finally reaches the nerve tissue. Nerves carry the sensation of pain toward the brain. So when decay reaches the nerves, it inflames nerves which lead to pain and Sensitivity.

Treatment :- Root Canal Treatment & Crown

Once the nerve is involved, the dentist advises the root canal treatment. In Root canal treatment, anesthesia is introduced. And affected tooth and surrounding area are anesthetized.  Decay is removed and inflamed pulp tissue is removed from the tooth. Canals are located and cleaned thoroughly till the end. Canals are then filled with biocompatible inert material which is followed by composite restoration.

Because of the decay and root canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle. & It is more prone to fracture. To straighten the tooth, the dentist advises the crown.

Crowns are made up of different materials. They cover the tooth from all sides and protect them from occlusal/biting forces.

4. Badly Carious Nonrestorative Teeth, Root Pieces Of Broken Teeth

Sometimes, the tooth is not restorable and difficult to save by root canal treatment and crown. In such cases, the tooth is removed.

Sometimes the third molar teeth do not erupt in the mouth properly. Which leads to severe sudden pain in the jaws and surrounding areas.

Treatment:-  Extraction/Removal Of Teeth

Badly decayed, or broken teeth are removed from the jaw socket by extraction.

Third molars are removed surgically as they are located deep inside the mouth and most of the time they are curved and impacted. 

5. Missing Tooth/Teeth

One or more than two teeth are removed in the past leading to empty spaces in the mouth. This empty space has to be filled with a new set of artificial teeth.

Treatment:- Bridge Or Implant Or Dentures

There are three main treatments for missing teeth.

1) Implant: An implant is an ideal treatment for the replacement of natural teeth.

You can read more about implants in our blog ( please add the link to the blog on implants here )

2) Bridges:- As the name indicates, bridges are fixed artificial teeth with the support of adjacent natural teeth.

3) Partial Dentures:- the partial denture si a removable prosthetic part. Which can be removed every time.

6. Pediatric Dental Problems

Pediatric/children’s dentistry is a separate and exclusive part of dentistry where all problems related to children’s teeth are taken care of.

7. Malalignment Of Teeth

Crooked/ misplaced teeth are common problems that directly affect the esthetic and function of the oral cavity

Treatment:- Orthodontic Treatment

Many orthodontic treatments are available which help in moving teeth in proper alignment.

1) Braces

2) Removable functional appliances

3) Aligners

So these are basic routine dental treatments done. If you are facing any of these problems please visit our dental office ” Microdent Dentistry ®

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