The connection between oral health and overall health
The connection between oral health and overall health

Our mouth, or oral cavity, is the entry point of our digestive system and is a mirror of our overall health.

Let us know more about it.

Let us begin with the most healthy scenario, wherein if you have all the teeth in place and are functioning really well with healthy gums around you, you are more likely to have a healthy body. The reason for the same is that proper chewing of food leads to a proper beginning of the digestive process. This ensures complete absorption of all the nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. This results in perfect overall internal health.

Oral Signs Of Underlying Health Issues

  • If you have bleeding gums around your teeth, this could be because of a deficiency of vitamin C in your diet. This deficiency of vitamin C can also lead to vague muscle weakness, lithargy, lassitude, et cetera. Vitamin C is important for the maintenance of connective tissues in our body. Sore, bleeding gums can be one of the most important signs of general health issues due to vitamin C deficiency.
  • Diabetes melitus is a Systemic disorder that has its effects in the oral cavity. Red, swollen gums and Mobility in the teeth are quite common in diabetic patients. Diabetes can all cause dry mouth, and this reduced amount of saliva can cause more cavities in teeth. Hence, the diabetic patient needs to take extra care when it comes to the hygiene and maintenance of the oral cavity.
  • Acid reflux (acidity) can cause bad breath or a burning sensation in the mouth. It can also cause Redness of the tongue and uvula. The teeth tend to get abraded because of the acidic oral environment. Such abrasion of teeth has reduced enamel thickness, and hence such teeth show increased sensitivity to temperature changes.

Now that we have seen how our overall health can also affect our oral cavity, let us see how the dysfunction in the oral cavity affects our overall health. First, let’s understand the digestive mechanism.

Food gets ground inside the mouth by teeth, and simultaneously, it mixes with saliva.

Our saliva contains various enzymes like salivary amylase, salivary lipase, etc. These enzymes play a vital role in initiating our digestive process.

The mixture of saliva and food forms a bolus, which then moves through the oesophagus and reaches the stomach.

In the stomach, the acid is secreted, and it disintegrates the food into different parts. The nutrients are absorbed by the stomach, and the rest of things start moving down towards the intestine.

Through the small and large intestines, food moves in peristaltic movement. Simultaneously, the nutrients are getting absorbed back into the blood circulation. And waste is formed in the form of stool. Stool is excreted.

So A lack of an adequate number of teeth or unhealthy teeth can hamper efficient chewing, hampering the entire digestive process. This can lead to excess acid secretion in the stomach,causing gastric ulceration. In addition to that, the intestines cannot absorb and assimilate incompletely digested nutrients.

This can cause multiple deficiencies and a decline in overall health.

Replacement of missing teeth and restoration of decayed teeth are therefore recommended to avoid their detrimental effects on overall health.

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