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The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups: Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

The teeth and oral cavity are the most important organs in the human body though they are not regularly taken care of. In India, almost 95% of the human population suffers from dental problems. Be it small cavities in teeth, bad mouth odor, or many missing teeth.

Today we are going to discuss The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups: Maintaining Optimal Oral Health and their benefits.

The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups for Optimal Oral Health by Microdent Dentistry

In Western developed countries, it is mandatory for every individual to go to the dentist for regular follow-up. It is also mandatory for schools to conduct regular dental check-up camps for kids. Because they understand the importance of a healthy oral cavity.

Why It is important to visit a dentist for a check-up?

Let us understand, the Oral cavity is the only way through which all nutrients go inside the body. Whatever food we eat, has a direct impact on the overall well-being of an individual.

Any small problem in the mouth leads to many problems in overall health in the long run.

Let’s see a very common case encounter in our day-to-day practice,  where the patient is suffering from toothache and he did not give much importance to visiting the dentist. He takes medicine over the counter to minimize the pain.  He stops eating from the side of toothache as he’s suffering from pain in biting food. And now he gets habituated to chewing and biting from one side.  This habit of biting from one side is hazardous in the long run, as the biting side will have more burden of chewing. It also impacts the muscles of mastication and after a couple of days, the Patient suffers from TMJ disorder. I.e pain in jaws, a very painful condition.

What causes this condition is negligence in treating the toothache when it was needed.

As a dental professional, we always encourage our patients to visit our dental office every six months for check-up. Because ” prevention is always better than cure. ” Regular check-up helps us to find any small problems in teeth and surrounding structures in their primitive stage and can be treated effectively.

What is a regular dental check-up mean?

When a patient visits a dental office for a regular dental check-up, we examine them thoroughly

A) All the teeth and their condition.

1) If there is any decay on teeth.

2) If food gets stuck anywhere.

3) If there is malalignment of teeth.

4) If there is any ill-fitting crowns or bridges, that require immediate attention.

5) If there are any missing teeth/teeth.

6) if there are any stains of teeth.

B) Gingival health

1) Condition of gingiva.

2) If there is any bleeding gums.

3) if there is any plaque/calculus accumulation.

4) if there is halitosis / bad breath.

C) Tongue and palate

1) thorough examination of the health of the tongue

2) check for any ulcers or damage to the papilla

3) check for the palate, if there is any damage to it.

D)  X-rays

Dental X-rays are useful investigation tool that helps the dentist to check the health of jaw bones.

X-rays are of great help for checking the roots of teeth that are embedded in the jaw bone.

Regular X-rays help to understand the health condition of bone.


As mentioned earlier, ” precaution is always better than the cure ” because small decay treated in its initial stage helps to avoid extensive treatment of root canal/extraction in the future.

Regular dental visits cost way less than root canals/extractions followed by dental implants.

So we, as Dental professionals, encourage our patients and overall people to get the regular check-up done ” every six months “.

We also organize free dental check-up camps two times a year for everyone to tell them the importance of healthy oral cavities.

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