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Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them | Best Dental Clinic in Dattawadi

As I mentioned in my previous blog, 95% of the Indian population suffers from issues related to the oral cavity. And unfortunately, there is not much awareness about dental health.

Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Today, we are going to talk about common dental problems and how to prevent them.

Problems related to Teeth

1. Dental Decay

A) Decay Present On the Biting Surface Of Teeth

It is the most common type of decay, visible clearly on the biting surface of teeth by small black/brown spots that don’t go away with regular brushing. And after some time, food gets stuck in the cavities.

B) Decay/cavity Present In Between Two Teeth

It is the second most common type of decay. When food gets trapped between two teeth, it starts to decompose there which leads to cavities on both the teeth. This type of cavity is not visible. And can only be detected by dental professionals.
The only sign of such decay is food lodgement between teeth

C) Decay/Cavity On Front Teeth

It is very much visible while brushing teeth and directly impacts the esthetic appearance of an individual.

How to avoid Dental Decay/cavities

  1. A) Regular proper brushing is recommended by the dentist and the use of mouthwash is one of the best precautions to avoid Dental decay/cavities.

  2. B) Changes in Dietary habits like eating less sweet and sticky food. Intake of More fibrous food helps minimize the formation of cavities.

  3. C) Regular visit to Dentistry for check-ups is very important for early diagnosis and effective treatment.
    Early detection is important to avoid later major procedures.

2. Pain & Sensitivity Of Tooth/Teeth

Sensitivity is the second most common dental problem. Many people suffer from the sensitivity of one tooth or the general sensitivity of all teeth.

As we see, the cavities on teeth, if left untreated for many months, cavity extend deep inside the tooth and damage enamel & dentin. Once the cavity/decay reaches the pulp tissue which contains blood vessels, nerve fibers and connective tissues, patients suffer from moderate to severe sensitivity and pain. Pain varies from slight pain on biting to severe pain which makes the patient unable to sleep.

How to avoid sensitivity

  1. A) Regular cleaning of teeth is prime and most important in reducing sensitivity.

  2. B) If Cavities are diagnosed early and treated with fillings then sensitivity can be stopped.

  3. C) avoid eating citrus food and if consumed, drink lots of water.

3. Bleeding Gums And Bad Odour

Bleeding gums are an indication of inflammation of the gingiva and its surrounding tissues.

Bleeding gums happen when the oral hygiene of a person is not good. Improper brushing and dietary habits have a major role in bleeding gums.

Every day, a thin layer of microbial flora accumulates on the surfaces of teeth and gums. This layer is called ‘ plaque ‘. If this plaque is not removed regularly then it forms the hard structure known as ” calculus”. This plaque and calculus act as irrigation and inflammation to gums. Gums start to swell, which eventually leads to bleeding gums.

How to avoid Bleeding Gums & bad breath

  1. A) Regular oral hygiene maintenance is of utmost importance in maintaining gingival health.

  2. B) Proper tooth brushing and use of mouthwash

  3. C) Consumption of small quantities of water every half an hour is the best medicine for bad breath.

Above are the most common Dental Problems seen in most individuals.
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