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Emergency tooth extraction services in Nal Stop, Pune: When to seek help.

Toothache can sometimes be extremely worse and unbearable. In such situations, you need to contact your dentist for emergency treatment. Dental extraction is one such treatment that may be required on an emergency basis.

At Microdent Dentistry, we are always available for such emergencies.

What is dental extraction?

Even though saving a tooth is always our priority at Microdent Dentistry, the tooth can not be retained in the jaw in certain situations. Removal of such a tooth is called tooth extraction Nal Stop.

Let’s check out certain situations when you may need to get a tooth removed in an emergency.

  1. Impacted wisdom teeth: It is the most common cause of emergency visits to dental clinics. Particularly at the age of 20-30 years. When third molars start to erupt ( coming into the mouth)

Many times wisdom teeth do not erupt in their ideal positions due to lack of space or incorrect angle of eruption. These malposed wisdom teeth keep putting pressure on adjacent teeth. They may also lead to the resorption of adjacent teeth causing a lot of pain. Such wisdom teeth need extraction to avoid damage to surrounding structures.

These third molar removal is considered as emergency dental treatment and microdent Dentistry is well equipped to perform the complex surgeries.

2) Trauma: Any kind of sudden impact can lead to a tooth fracture. If the tooth is fractured it needs to be assessed carefully by a dentist immediately. Depending on the level of fracture dentist may advise you to go for emergency tooth removal.  If not removed, such a fractured tooth may lead to swelling, which can be intra-oral ( restricted to the tooth ) or oral (visible on the face ).

This fractured tooth has to be removed.

  1. Root pieces: The remnants of broken teeth are sometimes present in the mouth. These are the root pieces of teeth that are infected. Such root pieces with associated infection need immediate removal to get rid of infection. The infected root pieces are home to multiple bacterial colonization. And there is a continuous battle between the immunity of patients and infection. The moment patient immunity goes down, the patient gets sudden swelling associated with that root piece.

We advise removing Such root pieces on a priority basis.

4) . Grossly destructed teeth: Extremely decayed teeth can not be saved as the very minimal healthy tooth structure is left after removing all the decay. Such teeth are usually associated with a lot of infections. These kinds of teeth that can not be restored to achieve healthy function of chewing and biting need to be extracted immediately followed by replacement either by making a dental bridge or dental implant.

Why choose Microdent Dentistry® for your emergency dental needs?

At Microsoft Dentistry, dentists are always available on call and you will get an emergency appointment where your complaint is attended by the specialist. And proper treatment is advised immediately. It gives instant relief from pain and discomfort.

Microdent Dentistry is well equipped with all advanced gadgets and equally qualified dental surgeons with vast experience working in dentistry.

It has cutting-edge technology as well as an advanced x-ray unit which helps in diagnosis and accurate treatment.

Dentists at Microdent Dentistry are polite and professional. Feel the difference, once you enter the clinic

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