This is the era of selfies that everyone would flaunt on Instagram, Facebook and everywhere on social media.

And that’s where the perfect smile makes its mark, Isn’t it? Do you shy away and hide your teeth maybe because they are a little spaced or are overlapped? Are you thinking that those metal brackets will make my smile look even worse for whole long two years?

 Let’s know a bit more about invisible Aligners.

What are invisible Aligners?

Invisible Aligners or Clear Aligners is a popular orthodontic treatment that helps to improve your bite as well as align your teeth. clear Aligners provides a metal-free option to reposition teeth in the proper alignment. These are the transparent trays that cover all your teeth in order to reposition them. These Aligners are made up of specific material. They are absolutely safe and easy to wear all day long.

How do invisible aligners work?

When your case is diagnosed for the mild or moderate issues in teeth alignment – 

  • Your teeth are scanned digitally. 
  • The scanned records are then used for step by step treatment plan using CAD (computer-aided Designing) 
  • The custom made transparent sets for the upper and lower arch are then fabricated for every single step using CAM (Computer Aided Machining). Approximately 12-24 sets are required for complete treatment of mild to moderate misalignment of teeth. 

Each set in the prescribed sequence will be handed over to you after the 

  • assessment of your teeth. 
  • Each set needs to be worn for 15-20 days for 22 hours a day. These customised trays are designed to apply constant pressure. They help in the gentle movement of teeth in the desired direction. 

Visible changes in the smile can be noticed within few months after starting the treatment using your invisible Aligners. All you need to do is wear your Aligners without fail for 22 hours every day even when you are sleeping. 

How to take care of Invisalign aligners trays?

Taking care of your aligners is very very necessary. simply follow the following steps to keep Invisalign aligners safe.

Brush and floss Regularly. 

Brush your Aligners when you brush and floss your teeth. Use a soft or ultrasoft toothbrush for your Aligners. Do not use your routine toothpaste while cleaning your Aligners as it contains abrasives that will cause scratches on your Aligners. Instead, use liquid antibacterial soap to clean your invisible Aligners. 

Rinse Regularly. 

Rinse your Aligners every time you remove them. This will prevent the accumulation of saliva on your tray. Also, it will help to keep it hydrated. 

Care while eating or drinking anything

Remove your Aligners while eating or drinking anything other than water. The Aligners are not structured to cope up with the biting and chewing forces. Eating with Aligners in place can damage them.

Drinking coffee, tea or any other colored drink can stain if you drink with Aligners in place.

Other tips

  • Do not put the set of Aligners in hot or cold water Or drink hot water with Aligners in place. Extreme temperature variation can damage your set of aligners.
  • Keep your Aligners in the specific container. This will help in avoiding misplacing or mishandling of your Aligners. 
  • Be prepared for unforeseen events. Always Carry a toothbrush and a small container for Aligners with you so that your Aligners will stay safe even during your impromptu dinner and coffee plans.

What to expect after completing your treatment using clear Aligners?

  1. Now you have aligned teeth and a perfect smile. But this does not end here. You will be advised to wear retainers to maintain and retain your new teeth position.
  2. This is absolutely mandatory because teeth tend to move to their original position if this post-treatment phase is neglected.
  3. Brushing and flossing need to be up to the mark just the way it was during the treatment. 
  4. Your teeth and gums may become slightly sensitive for few days.
  5. We advise avoiding extreme temperatures like hot tea or coffee and crunchy food for few days.
  6. A regular check-up with your Orthodontist is necessary to ensure the overall health and maintenance of your newly aligned teeth.


What can I expect during the treatment?

The Aligners will become part of your routine within few weeks. There can be slight discomfort and irritating in the gums initially which will subside within few weeks. The bite may feel a little different while chewing as your teeth are moving. 

What about the cost of the treatment? 

The treatment cost varies depending on the misalignment and the time required for the complete treatment. The payment can be done step by step as you receive each new set of the aligner. So it is get spread throughout your treatment. 

How long does it take to complete the treatment? 

This again depends on how spaced or crowded or overlapped your teeth are. It can generally be complete within six to nine months if you have mild issues. For more complex issues it can extend anywhere up to 24months.

What to do after completing the treatment? 

You will be given a set of retainers after treatment which you need to wear to avoid relapse.

If you’re looking to straighten your teeth quickly, then you should opt for clear aligners! For More Information about Clear aligners, visit your nearest orthodontist.

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