Dentistry and dental treatments are synonymous with fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering. This is the preconceived notion about Dentistry. Not only children but adults and senior citizens too are afraid of visiting dentists. In many cases, people opt to suffer from severe pain rather than visit a dentist near them.

But is Dentistry so much painful? Our answer is, ‘ Absolutely not ‘. Do you want to experience the difference, then you should visit the “Microdent Dentistry” a microscope-enhanced Dental clinic in Pune. The place where patients keep their fear outside of the clinic and experience complete pain-free experience.

In this blog, we are going to see how Microdent Dentistry is changing the way dental treatments are to be done. How your fear will change into cheer once you visit the clinic.

In today’s fast & professional world, most dental professionals don’t have the time to calm the patient, comfort him, communicate with him, and explain in detail about the procedure before actually starting the procedure.

Microdent Dentistry is different in this aspect. Dr. Rohit & Dr. Kashmira, along with other consultants give more time to consult the patient. Answer all their queries and explain in simple words about the problem and its treatment.

Communication is most important to calm the patient and reduce his anxiety.

In dentistry, the most fearful thing is local anesthesia injection. Almost all dental treatments require the administration of local anesthesia to teeth and surrounding mucosa.

Though it’s almost painless, most patients have the fear of pain during injection. Because of anxiety and apprehension, people avoid visiting dentists.

Microdent Dentistry has well advanced injection device that helps in administrating pain-free injections. We are proudly saying, our Centre is completely pain-free Centre. With this device, patients don’t feel any pain during and after injection.  Dr. Rohit & Dr. Kashmira are skilled clinicians who have mastered the skills of painless treatments.

Microdent Dentistry is first of the few clinics in Pune that is equipped with advanced dental microscopes. Which not only helps in visualizing better but delivers excellent treatments. Because “if you see well, you treat well “.

Dr. Rohit Joshi is a root canal specialist who works extensively under a microscope for all the treatments. He specializes in single-visit painless root canal treatment. Most of the root canals are done in a single visit. So patients don’t have to visit the clinic again and again to complete the treatment. It also reduces the administration of local anesthesia again and again for every visit.

Microdent Dentistry is also equipped with the most advanced, world-class dental implant kits and other equipment for implants.

From single implants to complete implant rehabilitation, everything is done under one roof.

Microdent Dentistry has a team of experienced, highly skilled clinicians like pedodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons along with Endodontist Dr. Rohit and Implantologist Dr. Kashmira.

The technique and technology help to ease the anxiety and fear.

So if you want to experience the difference, please visit Microdent Dentistry for pain-free dental treatments.

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