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Cosmetic Dentistry in Pune

Do you want to flash a 'million-dollar smile'? Looking for Best Cosmetic Dentists in Pune? then, your searches end here. At Microdent Dentistry, we have designed an immaculate and flawless cosmetic dentistry treatment that will help you improve the appearance of your smile.

Our team of Cosmetic Dentists and dental professionals focus on aesthetic treatment, as well as restorative dentistry procedures and services to meet patient's’ needs. Whether you are suffering from decaying or loosening of a tooth, missing tooth, chipped tooth, discoloured tooth, or bacterial plaque, our smile design treatment can solve it once for all.At our dental clinic, the team dentists are headed by Dr. Rohit Joshi who is a renowned cosmetic dentist in Pune.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments that we offered.

Just Healthy smile is not enough, Keeping your smile beautiful is also Important. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there is a various option available which depends on your particular needs. At our clinic, We offer a high standard of cosmetic dentistry in Pune that helps to achieve a beautiful smile. The Smile Design treatment that we adapt to make your smile appear stunning include:

Teething Whitening

Due to some things like natural ageing, drinking tea or coffee, smoking, tobacco chewing tends to your teeth become and stained and yellow. Teeth whitening treatment at our clinic helps your teeth to bring back to natural white colour.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants is the best option if you are having one or multiple missing teeth. Dental Implants Treatment helps to replace all your lost teeth. so that you can chew, smile and talk completely naturally.

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are a thin shell that is attached to the front surface of teeth. They are tooth coloured and made of porcelain materials. porcelain veneers are often used to treat dental issues like broken or chipped teeth, gaps in teeth, discolouration of teeth, irregularly shaped teeth.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding treatment is used to repair fractured, broken, chipped, decayed, discoloured teeth. in this treatment, tooth coloured resin material is applied on affected teeth.

Dental Bridges and crown

a dental bridge is an artificial tooth which is attached to the adjacent teeth or implants. A dental crown is a cap which is used to encases the entire tooth. Know more about Dental bridges and Crown in Pune.

Tooth Reshaping and contouring

Teeth contouring is the process of removing a small amount of tooth enamel (outer layer of the tooth) to change the shape, length and surface of the tooth.

Gummy smile correction (Gum lift treatment)

gum lift treatment is used to correct a low or uneven gum line. This treatment is usually performed with a laser.

 Cosmetic dentistry in Pune

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatment

Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of treatment options and procedure. There are various benefits to choose cosmetic dentistry.

  • Improved facial appearance
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Look younger
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Improved overall dental health.

Whether you are wanting a beautiful smile, straight or perfectly aligned teeth, we, at Microdent Dentistry can make it possible. If you want to know more about cosmetic dentistry in Pune, please don't hesitate to contact us. contact us for FREE Consultation from our cosmetic dentist in Pune for your complete smile makeover. Call us on +91 7264008000 today.

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Dr.Rohit Joshi

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Dr. Rohit Joshi is a renowned Dentists in Pune and having more than 5 years of experience in the field of dentistry. He is Mastered in conservative dentistry and endodontics. He also specialises in single visit painless root canal treatment and aesthetic dentistry. He is always contributing his knowledge of dentistry through his blog.

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