In certain situations, we may need to plan extraction or removal of the tooth. There could be various reasons why we plan tooth removal.

  1. The tooth is fractured beyond repair.
  2. The tooth is grossly decayed and can not be restored.
  3. The tooth is very mobile because of the inadequate surrounding bone.
  4. The improper direction of eruption in the case of wisdom teeth.
  5. Any other unfavourable scenario.

If any of your teeth need to be removed, there are few things to ensure beforehand.

Things keep in mind before starting the tooth extraction procedure.

  • Inform the dentist about any medical history prior to tooth removal. Let your doctor know if you have hypertension or diabetes or any other ailment. This will help your doctor in ensuring your wellbeing during and after the tooth removal procedure.
  • Inform the dentist if you are pregnant. The tooth removal is avoided during the first and the last trimesters of the pregnancy. Exposure to x-rays is also not indicated during pregnancy. Tooth removal can be planned in the second trimester with certain precautions or postponed until delivery. Hence for the benefit of the patient, it is of utmost importance to inform your dentist about it.
  • Follow the instructions about premedication if you are advised. You may be advised to start medication before dental extraction to prevent infection of the extraction site.
  • Have your meal before tooth removal. Having a meal before your tooth is removed will help in reducing your anxiety during the treatment. Also, you will be instructed to avoid eating for almost an hour after tooth extraction.

Tips to follow after tooth removal

  • Keep the gauze in place with light pressure for an hour. The dentist will place a sterile medicated gauge at the site of the tooth socket. You will need to hold it in place for almost about an hour. It is important for socket protection. No need to replace it once removed.
  • Apply ice pack externally. You need to apply an ice pack from outside. This will reduce the local inflammation and prevent or minimise post-extraction swelling.
  • Have an ice cream or coconut water after removing the gauze. This is helpful in soothing the area around the extraction site. Avoid the ice cream with crunchy particles.
  • Do not use straws for sipping juice for 2-3 days. Intense suckling pressure can induce unintended bleeding and disturb the healing process of the extraction socket.
  • Avoid spitting out forcefully for 2-3 days. It is advised to avoid forceful spitting to avoid bleeding episode. Rinse your mouth carefully after your meals.
  • Coughing and sneezing should be careful as they can induce bleeding. Hold kerchief or hand while coughing or sneezing to avoid forceful blowing that may induce bleeding from the extraction site.
  • Avoid eating hard, spicy and hot foods for a couple of days. The food items like almonds, walnuts, papad, khakhra etc. are to be avoided to protect the extraction site. You can have your regular meal at room temperature.
  • Avoid drinking hot coffee or tea for few days.
  • Do not touch the extraction site with your finger, tongue or toothpicks.
  • To allow the efficient healing of the extraction site it is advised to keep the area untouched and clean.
  • Tooth brushing can be done as instructed by your dentist.
  • Take your medicines on time. To avoid infection and inflammation of the extraction site it is important to take medication as advised by your dentist.
  • Warm salt water gargling should be started after 48 hours. It should be done after every meal. This will help in quick healing as well as in keeping the area of extraction clean.

These few simple things are to be followed for quick recovery after tooth removal. If you have any queries or need any further help with your dental treatment, Visit our dental clinic in Pune.

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