Today we are going to see all about third molars. Its procedure for removal. 

Third molar extraction, commonly referred to as wisdom tooth extraction, is a dental procedure performed to remove one or more of the third molars, which are located at the back of the mouth. Here’s some comprehensive information on when, how, and why third molar extraction is carried out:

1. Indication for Teeth Removal 

   – Third molar extraction is typically recommended when the wisdom teeth become impacted, meaning they don’t have enough space to emerge properly through the gum line.

   – Impaction can lead to various problems, including pain, infection, damage to adjacent teeth, crowding, cyst formation, and gum disease.

   – The timing of extraction varies from person to person but often occurs during late adolescence or early adulthood when the wisdom teeth start to erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 25.

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2. Why Third Molars Need to Be Extracted:- 

   – Wisdom teeth are evolutionary relics and are often unnecessary for proper function and alignment of the teeth.

   – Many people do not have enough space in their jaws to accommodate the wisdom teeth, leading to impaction.

   – Impacted wisdom teeth can cause various problems, including pain, infection, damage to adjacent teeth, crowding, cysts, and gum disease.

   – Even if the wisdom teeth are not causing any immediate problems, they may still be recommended for extraction to prevent potential future issues.

   – Removal of problematic wisdom teeth can improve oral health and prevent complications down the line.

Wisdom teeth

3 . The Procedure:- 

   – The extraction procedure is usually performed by an oral surgeon or a dentist in their office.

   – Before the procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon will assess the patient’s dental and medical history, take X-rays to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth, and discuss the procedure, risks, and aftercare instructions.

   – The removal of third molars can be done under local anesthesia in a dental chair itself. sometimes sedation or general anesthesia is also required depending on the anatomy of the third molar and its proximity with adjacent anatomical structures. sometimes of patient’s preference is also considered for general anesthesia.

   – The dentist or oral surgeon will then make an incision in the gum tissue, remove any bone that blocks access to the tooth, and then extract the tooth.

   – sometimes, If the tooth doesn’t come completely then the dentist may section the tooth in two or three parts, and then removal becomes easy.

   – After the tooth is extracted, the area is cleaned, and stitches may be placed if necessary.

   – The patient will be given instructions for post-operative care, including pain management, eating restrictions, and oral hygiene practices.

In summary, third molar extraction is a common dental procedure performed to remove impacted or problematic wisdom teeth to alleviate pain, prevent complications, and improve oral health. The procedure is typically performed by an oral surgeon or dentist and involves careful evaluation, anesthesia administration, surgical extraction, and post-operative care.

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