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Root Canal treatment in Pune

The root canal treatment procedure brought a sort of revolution in dentistry a decade ago. It became an effective option to repair and save damaged, cracked, or severely infected tooth without removing it. In this treatment, the infected or damaged tooth is cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. The tooth is then restored and protected by a crown or filling. Root canal was quite painful and required multiple sitting. But with the modern technology and local anesthesia, it has become less painful and less discomfort. What' more, if the damage, injury, or trauma to the tooth has not caused any severe inflammation or infection, it is possible to repair the tooth with a painless single visit root canal treatment.

When a root canal treatment is needed?

The symptoms pointing towards the need for a root canal treatment are not always clear. However, when you experience a chronic toothache, sensitivity to anything cold or warm when sipping or biting, tenderness and discoloration of the tooth, pain while chewing, and inflammation in the gum tissues, lymph nodes, and bone surrounding the tooth, it's a sign that indicates you need a root canal treatment.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Single sitting root canal treatment is gaining lots of buzz these days since the procedure is apt for those who are busy in their professional lives and don't have time for multiple sitting. The diagnosis process starts by taking a digital RVG X-ray that helps in ascertaining the presence or absence of pus in the pulp.

• The procedure starts by administering local anesthesia to the affected tooth so that the patient doesn't experience pain and discomfort.

• To isolate the affected tooth and keep it free from saliva, a dental dam is placed over it.

• The next step is pulpectomy in which the diseased or infected pulp is removed by opening the pulp chamber and gaining access to the canals.

• The endodontist then uses antibacterial solution to flush out bacteria. An endorotary file instrument is further used to clean, scrub, and disinfect the root canals.

• After the root canals are dried and cleaned, they are filled with Gutta Percha, a biocompatible material.

• The tooth cavity is then filled with composite filling material.

The number of sittings required for the root canal treatment will depend on the clinical condition of the affected tooth. However, over 90% of the cases can be solved by a single visit root canal treatment.

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